February 14, 2018

Free Downloadables: Wallpapers #8

Volunteering to serve for youth retreats is one of my most favorite past-times. I have done it since I was 15 and to this day, in my early twenties, I have only come across few feelings that compare to the atmosphere that comes with service. At whatever point in my life, serving and attending retreats have always renewed my sense of purpose and direction. At whatever state I am in, God finds a way to chisel at the hardness and stubborness that I always seem to harbor.

Being a part of the Youth Ministry at my local church has been pivotal to my identity formation and my character development, if you will. After all, the people you surround yourself with have such a crucial impact on the fibres of your being — I belive that to be true with my whole heart. And so, it is the greatest blessing to be part of a community that lifts and emboldens, that carries and holds, that worships and inspires. These people have molded me and inspired me, and their courage and conviction in pursuit of growing in their faith despite all odds is the kind of strength I feel unbelivably blessed to be able to turn to in times of darkness. They are the light that guides me home and the love that reassures me to trust in The One that will make me wholehearted.

This round of wallpapers comes directly from the notes I scribbled in my journal from the retreat that I got back from last weekend. I’ve fallen in the habit of making wallpapers synonymous to reminders, and these are the exact reminders that I have been needing lately — and maybe this is the kind of words you need to be reminded of too.

February 7, 2018

Advice To My Younger Self

There are many points in one's life where they ask themselves where the time has gone. In relation to the previous blog post that I did, is this common theme of growing up. I have recently been inspired to contemplate on that topic myself. We are compilation of moments and people. I am so grateful for everything that has shaped me today. Looking back, only a few years ago I was always in rush to grow up. I was so excited for everything the world had to offer. This week while my mind is still stuck on that topic, I though I would put together a list of advice. These are words for my younger self and to anyone else that needs to hear them.

January 31, 2018

The Speed of Life

On countless occasions more than I can remember really, my friends and I have had conversations reminiscing about the past as well as talking about what's to come in the future. I have always been the type of person that is eager and excited to take the next step. We have all these plans and aspirations deeply rooted in those we had as younger souls. Time is a difficult concept to grasp especially in its relation to life. Everything goes by in a blink of an eye with hardly anytime to pause for breath. During those conversations we always ask each other if we can believe that we're where we are now because it seems as if yesterday we were completely different people. I was so sure of who I was as a kid, what I didn't know however was everything the world had in store for me. Let the world keep spinning and I will try my best not to get dizzy.