October 18, 2017

Poetry to Soothe the Soul

Whether it's writing or reading poetry, there is something about this eloquent form of art which soothes the soul. A lot of people often wonder why poets don't just say what they mean. The beauty in it is that it has a different meaning to whoever reads it and each carefully placed word has a special connotation to the writer. There are so many ideas and notions that can be discovered behind literary devices. Some might consider it as the uncaged ramblings of an individual, however if you look deep into the surface a metaphor could hold the answer to your present problems. 

October 11, 2017

All The Places We Went Pt. 2 | New York City

Here comes the second and final installment of all the places we went to in New York City. If you haven't caught up on part one just yet, feel free to click here to read all about it. I talked about The Guggenheim, The Met, St. Patrick's Cathedral, and other tourist attractions. This time, I'll be walking you through places to explore the city on water, on land, and above ground as well!