August 16, 2017

Me, You, and The Internet #3

I'm nothing if not consistent when it comes to scouring the internet for things that make me laugh, for things that warm my heart, and for things that inspire my existence. On this week's post, I give you all of the above and a little bit more.

Read below the jump to hear about a specific podcast episode that remains saved onto my phone despite my the limited memory space. Further down the list, you'll come across an Elvis cover, and even a royalty free tune I happen to be obsessed with. Let me sidetrack you from whatever you're supposed to be doing for a moment and let's pretend I'm sitting next to you (my dear old pal) as I hold out my phone for you to see some cool things on the interwebz.

August 9, 2017

Sunrises, a Chasm, and the Ocean

I wrote these short poems on separate occasions. Some of the times I don't quite remember what instigated me into writing to them or how I felt in that exact moment. Reading it now, I feel as if the connotation is different. I find that truly interesting about poetry. It evolves as a person grows and its meaning can change constantly. 

August 2, 2017

Boat rides, Best Pals, and Bowen Island

Being an early twenty-something year old is weird. You're not quite a full-fledged adult quite yet. You've got much to learn -- about taxes, mortgages, and life in general. Plus, you can get arrested and when you're convicted, you won't be placed in juvie. Instead, you'll be in actual adult prison, in all it's shiv and shank glory. I digress.

One of the perks of being a young adult however, is being at the prime age of travelling. Sure, you're probably spending thousands paying for rent for crap basements apartments, or selling your organs to fund your post-secondary education.